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Excellence in equine hoof trimming and rehabilitation, for all sizes, breeds, and disciplines.

"To give a flight animal back 

their feet?  

There is no feeling quite like it...,

...that is RC Hoof Care,

that is what I do." 


Detailed equine hoof maintenance and rehabilitation trimming for all  sizes, breeds and disciplines.


Therapeutic hoof protection including: casting,padding, booting, and glue on shoeing.
Available for consult and
hoof management during emergency situations
in partnership with your veterinarian.




  •  Detailed equine hoof maintenance and rehabilitation trimming.​

  • Therapeutic hoof casting, padding, booting, and glue on shoeing.

  • Restoration of comfort  soundness, and a more functional bare foot hoof form.

  • For All sizes breeds and disciplines, including donkeys, mules, and miniature horses.

  • I approach all trims, animals, and their owners, with kindness, patience, dedication and respect. 


  • Each trim begins with an assessment of  hoof form, health, and development (the hoof capsule and distal limb give clues as to the location and condition of the internal structures of the foot). 

  • A detailed trim is then applied with the goal of mirroring and protecting the internal structures from which the hoof grows. Those with already well developed healthy feet will be carefully maintained to encourage further development and strength.  For those with pathology,  some changes will be seen immediately while others become apparent after the old hoof capsule has completely grown out.  

  • My number one priority at each trim is comfort and function.  Your horse should always be as comfortable or more comfortable after each trim than before the trim was applied.  Your horse can remain in work during the transition to a healthier hoof form.

  • For those in need of protection or support in cases of emergency or dramatic change in work load or terrain I also provide therapeutic booting, casting, padding, and glue on flexible shells and shoes always with the goal of ultimately returning your horse to a conditioned functional bare foot hoof.

  •  This trim method benefits all equines regardless of size, breed, or discipline, including donkeys, mules, and miniature horses.

  • I approach all trims, animals, and their owners, with kindness, patience, dedication and respect.  Client confidentiality is a priority.

  • I believe education is key and involving the owner in the process and decision making regarding hoof management is not only important to me but critical for the success of improving hoof health and form.

Trim Method:

call or text: 518-320-6353

email: rchoofcare@gmail.com

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Trim by Rachel Cintula, RC Hoof Care

Trim by Rachel Cintula, RC Hoof Care

RC Hoof Care - call or text 518-320-6353   email: rchoofcare@gmail.com   facebook messenger    references available upon request

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